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Carrie Eben Classical Education Podcasts: Making Memoria podcasts on Homeschool Counselor

Making Memoria Episode 1: Assessing Assessment

Carrie and Pops introduce the topic of classical assessment and discuss how it differs from the topic of modern assessment.

Making Memoria Episode 2:
The Purpose of Education

Carrie Eben and Pops discuss how understanding the purpose of education is important because it drives our assessment practices.

Making Memoria Episode 3:
Self Assessment

Join Carrie Eben and Pops as they delve into why we should assess ourselves and how friends and circumstances help us to assess ourselves.

Making Memoria Episode 4:
Assessing with the Five Canons of Rhetoric

Carrie Eben and Pops discuss the difference between classical assessment and modern assessment.

Making Memoria Episode 5:
Assessing Rhetoric with Speech and Debate

Join Carrie Eben and her oldest son Seth as they discuss the place of assessment within speech and debate.

Making Memoria Episode 6:
Assessing Rhetoric

Join Carrie Eben and Joe as they continue the discussion about how speech and debate can help us delve deeper into the art of rhetoric.

Making Memoria Episode 7: Assessing Listening Skills

Join Carrie Eben and Sam as they discuss speech and debate and how it helps us to assess more skillfully.

Making Memoria Episode 8: Facts, Skills, and Ideas, Oh My

Carrie Eben is joined by Pops once again as they reflect on assessment, chocolate, and Switzerland.

Making Memoria Episode 9: Assessing Facts with the Five Core Habits

Carrie Eben and Pops continue to discuss how to assess facts through the use of the five core habits.

Making Memoria Episode 10: Assessing Ideas with the 5 Common Topics

Carrie Eben and Pops discuss pentecost moments and how to assess ideas using the five common topics.

Making Memoria Episode 12: Assessing Relationships

Join Carrie Eben and Pops as they dig into the topic of dating relationships.

Making Memoria Episode 13: Assessing Hygge with Christ

Join Carrie Eben and Pops as they reflect Hygge and just what that word means.

Making Memoria Episode 14: Assessing Gratitude with Memory

In this episode Pops and Carrie remember different circumstances from their past and use them to assess the current state of affairs in the world amidst the corona virus.

Making Memoria #15:
Jessica Hooten Wilson on Classical College Students

Carrie Eben and Dr. Jessica Hooten Wilson discuss how classically educated and homeschooled students do in a college environment.

Carrie Eben on Intellectual Virtues, Assessment,
and Poetic Knowledge

This is Episode 39 of the Consortium Podcast, an academic audio blog sponsored by Kepler Education.