Assess your classically educated student authentically and craft transcripts colleges love.

Tools for Transcripts is the original assessment and transcript-building seminar designed to help today’s classical, Christian, homeschooling families level-up their educational excellence and record-keeping.

Using a fresh application of time-proven classical tools, this program gives parents the skills, experience, and confidence to assess students authentically within the classical Christian education tradition.

This seminar rejuvenated my ‘why’…assessment is
meant to grow my relationship with my child – and his
relationship with God and His creation!

– J.S., Classical Conversations Area Representative

Join the scores of parents who have shared how these online conversations and exercises from Tools for Transcripts have helped them replenish, restore, and reignite their hearts as classical homeschooling parents!

Learn to assess with confidence & peace so you can relax & enjoy your homeschooling journey.

Tools for Transcripts is offered by Classical Eben, a classical consultancy launched by graduated homeschool parent Carrie Eben, M.S.Ed. Carrie is passionate about helping homeschool parents flourish in their relationship with their students during their high school years. Her commitment for authentic, holistic, and helpful assessment grew out of her own experience as a homeschooling mother in the Classical Conversations program – especially as she navigated the Challenge years alongside her students.

After both of her children graduated from her homeschool and went on to college (one has since graduated and started an engineering career), she wanted to share the transformational ideas and practical tools she discovered to help assess her own students along the way.

This interactive webinar is delivered in either a one-day or 3-day webinar. Each instructor has been hand selected from among parents, such as Rachael Moriarty who are Master Teachers and have successfully homeschooled their own students from elementary through high school while deepening their own understanding of classical education over the years.

Best. Investment. Ever.

– V.B., Challenge I Mom

Take a peek inside Tools for Transcripts:

[Session 1]

  • Discover what assessment actually is – and what it isn’t
  • Understand how assessment itself actually changes how we teach
  • Explore the nature of correct assessment (and root out the effects of poor assessments from your past that might be affecting your own students even today)
  • Observe how God teaches through types of assessment throughout His word
  • Compare types of knowledge & discover which forms of classical assessment are most appropriate for each kind of learning experience

[Session 2]

  • Uncover the connections between Sabbath rest and authentic assessment
  • Illumine types of assessment that cultivate conversation
  • Learn to use the age-old wisdom of the Five Canons of Rhetoric for assessment
  • Discover how authentic classical assessment can be an act of worship

[Session 3]

  • Connect the dots between assessment and transcript-building
  • Observe and learn different approaches and applications that streamline the actual recordkeeping process
  • Clarify requirements for granting units for accuracy
  • Examine samples of transcripts from other successful graduates from classical homeschooling communities
  • Learn why the CLT is a test you’ll feel good about your students taking

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